Men's wellbeing exhibition Inside Out runs at Arts Space Wodonga until June 24, 2017

FOUR artists make sense of the world in a new exhibition, Inside Out, in Wodonga.

Artists Ken Raff, Stephen Anderson, Peter O’Dwyer and Eric Saros wanted to highlight men’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Raff said they met regularly to share their experiences and art but they often talked about the state of the world and their creative responses.

“We all have our own life experiences through what we read, the films we see and the news and through art we’re able to talk about those views,” he said.

“Art is a great for people with mental illness, by doing art or having art around you; you’re in the right brain and not conscious of time.”

Inside Out, which includes painting, sculpture and photography, runs at Arts Space Wodonga until Saturday.

“Broga” and mandala making will take place throughout the exhibition.

Broga, tongue-in-cheek Latin for “Bro, let's go relax and stretch”, is a men’s yoga class. Women are welcome too. It will run on Wednesday and Saturday.