Wodonga city heart development to impact traffic

Wodonga’s ‘city heart’ transformation is continuing with minor disruptions to traffic and car parking expected throughout the project and High Street closed to traffic at certain points.

City of Wodonga Council said preparatory works on South Street start in July before reconstruction works will occur along the street from Smythe to High street in September to December. 

Council said traffic and parking would be disrupted minimally as preparation work starts in South Street.

Works will begin in High Street in mid-January with the completion of the in-ground services. Council expect minor disruptions to traffic and a small reduction in car parking during this phase.

During the late-January reconstruction of High Street the road through traffic won’t be allowed on the road.

Pedestrian access will be maintained and the council is looking into alternative car parking.

The council is engaging with traders in the works zone to determine their individual concerns and needs.

Council said a new ‘city heart’ website would be launched soon and they were in the process of developing an app.