CBD plan visionary

If there’s anything you cannot do it is sit around and wait for the good times to roll-on up to your front door.

If you take that approach you can be guaranteed that you won’t get a look-in, that while you’re sitting around full of contentment someone else will be aiming for the limelight.

And if they’ve got the intention of being the new No.1, there’s a chance they will succeed.

It all comes down to always thinking ahead and always trying to be the most creative thinker – and then actually doing something about achieving that goal.

This approach is something that can be applied to so many areas of life. And the crucial point is to always be thinking along these lines.

It is clear that such a forward-thinking approach is behind a new, ambitious plan for central Albury.

Ambition is certainly the buzzword here – the aim of the Activate Albury CBD plan is to make the city the regional capital of Australia.

Overambitious? Maybe, on face value. But if it wasn’t for such a hopeful approach, there surely would be things left off the table when it came to introducing new concepts to make things work so much better.

The four-year strategic marketing and implementation plan was launched by the group’s chairman, Barry Young, with the simple premise of creating benefits right across the city.

A more revitalised central business district, it is argued, would create benefits that flowed beyond the centre of town.

The plan would aim at targeting day-trippers from other regional areas, the existing overnight visitor market and families.

The plan makes clear there is an understanding of those things that are preventing the city’s full potential being reached – the abysmal passenger rail service to Albury and a perceived lack of support from the NSW government are at the top of that list.

Nevertheless, the use of what Mr Young says is the “bold statement” of Albury CBD being the capital of regional Australia is an approach strongly grounded in the maxim of “making it happen”.

That cannot be faulted. And as Mr Young says to support this philosophy, “a healthy active vibrant CBD is critical to our region, it’s in all our best interests that the plan works.”

We wholeheartedly congratulate this positive approach.