Billabong Crows poised to rally to continue in Hume league next season

THE Billabong Crows are likely to soldier on next season.

Members are presently voting on the Hume league club’s plight with president Bruce Owen saying the outcome would be known on Friday night.

About 85 people attended a future direction meeting late last week with the club’s steering committee putting four options put on the table including seeking a merger, folding, changing leagues or continuing in their present format.

But Owen said folding and changing leagues were discarded with merging put on the backburner due to ongoing talks between neighbouring club CDHBU and Corowa-Rutherglen.

CDHBU’s preferred option is to work with the Ovens and Murray club due to many of their players living or working in Corowa.

CDHBU and Corowa-Rutherglen have also been training together.

“Nothing is formal yet, but in my opinion it looks like we will be continuing on as we are at the moment,” Owen said.

“Our members are voting on it and we will know more on Friday.

“A lot of things have been discussed and, like many other clubs, there are challenges ahead whichever way you turn.”

The Crows are coming under increasing pressure to field teams due to dwindling player numbers with the senior and reserve grade sides yet to win a match this season.

Nothing is formal yet, but in my opinion it looks like we will be continuing on as we are at the moment

Bruce Owen

A lack of volunteers is also a concern for the club.

CDHBU officials will meet the Hume league this week to discuss their possible alignment with Corowa-Rutherglen.

The Roos have held similar talks with the Ovens and Murray.

Billabong Crows and CDHBU presently field senior, reserve and under-14 sides and both have an abundance of netballers.

Oaklands and Urana merged to become the Billabong Crows in the Coreen and District league in 2005.