Pair ‘wanted drug money’

A COVERT phone conversation between two people accused of a vicious assault on a vulnerable man in his own home has been aired in court.

Louise Kathleen Bryson recorded a phone call to Paul Darren Branson in a secure room at the Wodonga police station after her arrest in April.

A Wodonga victim, 75, had been attacked with a plank of wood, exposing bones in his skull and hand, while watching football in his William Street unit.

Police allege the pair – who they believe to be in a relationship – acted in partnership during the incident on April 15.

Bryson called Branson on April 16 from the station after being arrested and talked about the matter while on tape. 

One of the three calls was played in court on Monday.

“How much money did you end up getting out of the old ----’s wallet?” she asked, and said she needed money for methadone.

Bryson asked if he had enough money to “get on”, which police say is a drug reference. 

“I’m f---in’ stressing out Pauly,” she said.

“I’m f---in’ peaking.

“Does the old ---- know you left the door open for me?”

Branson replied “no, he’s got no idea”.

A new witness recently approached Detective Leading Senior Constable Andrew Leonard out of the blue at court.

The detective told the court the man’s statement had bolstered the police case, which he alleged was already strong.

It’s alleged the pair had spoken of ways to get money to “get on” earlier in the day, with Bryson allegedly suggesting she steal items from Repco.

Branson allegedly said what “he really needs to do is whack him on the head and knock him out”.

The court heard staff at Elgin's saw him “distressed” with blood on his arms and clothes after the attack. 

He again applied for bail on Monday and was again knocked back. 

His matter will return to court on September 11. 

Bryson also remains in custody.