Letters: Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

A government that can’t

A non-binding postal vote is a sign of a government that can’t do.

The gay marriage divide is about a few MPs tied to religion and not what should be done.

Gay people are very important part of all our lives and they deserve better representation and support.

CREDIT WHERE DUE: A reader says member for Indi Cathy McGowan did not get enough credit when federal funding was announced for Wangaratta Racecourse.

CREDIT WHERE DUE: A reader says member for Indi Cathy McGowan did not get enough credit when federal funding was announced for Wangaratta Racecourse.

The Queen has knighted many gay people for service and we have politicians who fail to serve gay people and they should be ashamed.

Why is there not more outrage about the treatment of children by the Catholic church from the religious MPs?

Stuart Davie, Corowa

Violence a bad look

Disappointing photo and write-up on the back page of The Border Mail on August 7. Two grown “men” fighting on the field and a write-up that seems to condone it. What an appalling example of “sportsmanship” to be headlined in a sports write-up. 

Violence anywhere, in the street, the home, the car, and on a sporting field is unacceptable. 

J Parker Thurgoona

Give Cathy some credit

Am I the only Indi voter that is peeved that our elected representative in the federal Parliament continues to get ignored every time there is an announcement of some benefit flowing into this electorate. 

I refer to the recent funding of the Wangaratta Racecourse development from the Building Better Regions Fund. National Party senators and state government representatives all get an acknowledgement, but again our local MP Cathy McGowan is pushed into the background. 

Common courtesy would suggest that commonwealth funding should be announced by the local federal representative. 

I have nothing against Tim McCurdy or any of the others who rated a seat at this announcement but I think fair is fair. After all we all had to put up with former member for Indi Sophie Mirabella stealing the limelight and claiming the glory for everything over a long period whether she had anything to do with it or not. 

Surely Cathy deserves some recognition for her good work in supporting initiatives within the region. 

Mark Eltringham, Rutherglen

Short on facilities

In response to Warwick Tasker's letter on August 5 (‘No loo a mistake’), I too have an issue with the lack of public toilets.

I recently relocated to Thurgoona and now use the multi-million-dollar Albury/Thurgoona walking path to walk the 8.8 kilometres from my house into Albury. It’s the same deal in this area – there is no access to even one public toilet on this path or even one bench along the way to sit for a while.

I have asked the Albury Council to please explain but have not received a response.

Maureen Robinson, Thurgoona

What a let down they are

I am disappointed for hundreds of thousands of Australians that their Prime Minister has once again let them down.

This week the Liberals spent yet another day arguing over whether or not gay and lesbian Australians should have their relationships judged by everyone else.

Wages aren’t growing, living standards are continuing to fall, power prices are through the roof, we’ve got a housing affordability crisis. 

But instead of figuring out what to do about all of that – they all sat in a room and argued about marriage equality.

They chose to spend another day fighting with each other over an issue that we could sort out in five minutes if Malcolm Turnbull would just let the Parliament do its job and vote on it.

I can’t control what the Government does. But if Labor is elected, its members will legislate for marriage equality in the party’s first 100 days. 

Ken Morehouse, Wangaratta