Do you have the hang of it?

At Wodonga TAFE the horticulture students have started preparing hanging baskets for spring and summer. 

There are a few important points you need to think about before buying and hanging your baskets, they include:

  • Baskets need to be securely fixed. Ordinary hooks won’t do the trick - a basket filled with soil is heavy. Test the strength of the hook before you hang the basket.
  • Think about the final position. Choose a low traffic area, then you can hang the baskets at eye level. Having baskets too high is such a waste.
  • If the area for hanging the baskets has high traffic movement – then the baskets need to be high enough to not be a hazard. Remember,  if the baskets have to go very high, maybe put them somewhere else where they’ll be appreciated.
  • Never hang a basket in an awkward position or a difficult to reach location. You need to be able to reach them to maintain and water them. 
  • Watering is important. Hanging baskets need frequent drinks. In hot weather, baskets may need one or two waters per day. This is high maintenance, so if you’re not blessed with green thumbs  - give baskets a miss rather than neglect them.
  • Baskets need to be fertilised regularly – even up to fortnightly during the growing season.
  • When you buy or when you plant a basket, think about the colour scheme that is best for the chosen location. Multiple baskets look better than a single, solitary specimen.
  • With so many great plants available in our local nurseries you should be able to have flowering baskets all year round.
  • Be inventive, baskets don’t need to be boring. Try planting herbs, strawberries or even beans and peas in your baskets – anything for a bit of fun in the garden.

With spring so close it’s a wonderful time to think about your garden – and baskets are definitely a beautiful addition as long as they’re cared for and in excellent condition.


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PREPARE: Horticulture students Mark Denton and Bree Meindl maintain the Fuchsia baskets at the Wodonga TAFE nursery.

PREPARE: Horticulture students Mark Denton and Bree Meindl maintain the Fuchsia baskets at the Wodonga TAFE nursery.