You say: Leave our hills alone: resident’s plea to council

VIEW: Wodonga Council has received negative feedback over plans for a lookout on Federation Hill. Got something to say? Email us:
VIEW: Wodonga Council has received negative feedback over plans for a lookout on Federation Hill. Got something to say? Email us:

As a Wodonga resident and ratepayer, I continue to feel concerned and blatantly disregarded by Wodonga Council and Councillors through the progressed Planning for the Wodonga Hills Strategy.

I don’t understand why there is a need for quiet residential streets to be impacted by increased traffic, loss of residential amenity, privacy, quality and decreased property value as a result of short term thinking.

I accept that living in close proximity to Wodonga’s hills and an area of conservation that is a Designated Bushfire Prone Area is a fire risk, though I do not accept that our safety should be compromised through encouraged access to people who will be drawn to these areas to carry out antisocial behaviour from the implementation of proposed facilities for residential streets such as toilets, parking, large BBQ and picnic table sheltered areas and community events.

One only has to reflect on the continued state of the facilities at Huon Hill (vandalism to facilities including bullet holes, hoon driving, fire lighting, consumption of alcohol) to understand how things will unfold as a result of what is proposed.

Wodonga Council have proposed to deliver on invasive and unnecessary changes to our Wodonga Hills. I urge Wodonga Council, Councillors and Wodonga ratepayers to genuinely consider repeated concerns from directly impacted residents.

Please leave residential streets to be just that – residential streets and the Wodonga Hills to be our greatest unspoiled natural environmental asset and backdrop for our city for all to enjoy into the long term.

Sarah Ning, Wodonga

Time to stop gas-bagging

Sussan Ley, you just don’t get it, do you? I too own a business who is being crippled by rising gas and electricity prices, staff cuts etc to try and compensate and stay in business … but all we hear from you are the trumpeting of your boss’s views.

We contribute such a minute amount to the alleged warming that you and everyone would have us believe, it’s past a joke. China, India etc are not even starting to cut back their carbon emissions until 2030, they continue to build power stations until then. 

I bet you don’t even know how much a KW your electricity is, being on taxpayer funded wage. Stop talking and gas-bagging and start to build power stations, let the government own it, rather than sell our essential services.

Gary Evans, Glenroy

‘You are equal to us’

I write in response to Clare Ryan, who cites ‘every serious study undertaken’ shows children do best with their biological mother and father.

When Clare says children who live with both a biological mother and father ‘grow up better in every aspect of their life’, what does she mean? Are they kinder and more compassionate? Are they more financially successful? Are they more open to accepting differences in others as being complementary to their own way of life?

My opinion is that children do best when they are loved, heard, supported and understood by a parent, and gay parents can do that just as well as straight parents.

Gay couples are already out there raising children, accessing IVF, adopting children and contributing to their communities just as you would. To let them get married is only to say, you are equal to us and you are entitled to the same right, which is to marry the person you love.

Kate Horsfall, Jindera