Father Brendan’s Thursday Thoughts | OPINION

One hundred years ago the 1917 October Revolution in Russia ushered in the birth of modern communism. American author Jim Rohn explained communism as believing that people are too stupid to know what to do with capital, so you take it from them and give it to the all-knowing State and let the State run everything. Rohn visited the countries that embraced communism and found it had devastated every one of them.

The danger of modern communism is not only that it is seemingly liberating, but that once your country is poisoned, it’s hard to diagnose, as communism presents itself as the very things it is not.

The same-sex marriage “debate” was never a fair fight from the beginning, claiming it was about everything it was not and has me musing that the Russia of 1917 has spread her errors to the Australia of 2017.

The High Court challenge of the plebiscite by independent MP Andrew Wilkie and lobby group Australian Marriage Equality; recalcitrant Bill Shorten proclaiming he will usher in same-sex marriage regardless of the people’s will; Labor and the Greens blocking a plebiscite in the Senate, to prevent the people of Australia from deciding their own future, so that they the politicians could. These events sound like the birth pangs of communism to me.  

The same-sex marriage “debate” was the most inverted, unfair and downright dishonest “debate” our country has seen for a very long time.

The “Yes” vote claimed “diversity”, unless of course your opinion is diverse to theirs and anything you say can and will be construed as “hate speech”. However, this “hate speech” claim is an act of almost laughable hypocrisy.

The “No” voters, especially the religious, fell all over each other in an attempt to publicly express their respect for same-sex couples. But get on any media outfit’s Facebook or comments page and you will find nearly 100 per cent of the “hate speech” came from the “Yes” voters. 

The “Yes vote” claimed “equality”. Pfft. Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore gave the “Yes” vote campaign $100,000 and the “No” vote campaign $0. Taxpayer-funded ABC News journalists only expressed views favourable of same-sex marriage. Hardly equality.

Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruit” and moderate “Yes” voters would do well to consider what fruit this “debate” has already harvested. Up until this “debate” free speech was an Australian pastime. Now workers fear losing their jobs and academics fear losing their tenure if they publicly support Australian marriage as it is. You don’t need to be a genius to know marriage is the foundation of society, and you don’t need to be an architect to know altering foundations places the entire house in jeopardy.

But this neo-communism is only just putting its sickle into the ground. With a population of 24 million, and less than 300 children annually available for adoption, where will same-sex couples find their children? Surrogacy? Mercenaries? Yet what adoption agency would be foolish enough to give their few children to any couples other than same-sex couples lest they be closed down for discrimination?

I will vote “No” for many reasons, but what has concerned me most throughout this “debate” was the communist way Australia was robbed of our most precious capital: safe schools, diversity of parents and equality for children. The mirage of gay marriage is only the beginning and will be anything but a marriage of convenience.