Clandestine drug lab found by police in back shed of home

An old shed tucked away at the back of a Wodonga home has been revealed as a suspected drug laboratory where methamphetamine was being produced.

Wodonga detectives and the police Clandestine Laboratory Squad from Melbourne searched the Trudewind Road home on Wednesday morning.

They seized chemicals, glassware and other items during the raid.

Detective Sergeant Graeme Simpfendorfer said it appeared the items were used in the “shake and bake” method of quickly producing ice.

“We have found numerous items we believe relates to the manufacture of methamphetamine,” he said.

“The guys in their safety search found chemicals in the back shed.”

Police first came across the lab on Tuesday during an unrelated search for items involved in a burglary.

A crime scene guard was placed outside the house overnight before detectives obtained a drug warrant and waited for the Clandestine Laboratory Squad.

Detective Simpfendorfer appealed to neighbours to come forward with any information. “There have been smells coming from the house at times,” he said.

“If there are weird smell noticed by neighbours, that’s the kind of stuff that can paint a picture for us about whether it’s a lab or not.”

No arrests were expected to be made for about two weeks while the seized items were being tested by police in Melbourne for fingerprints and DNA.

Police suspected the lab was connected to a nearby property also searched by police on Tuesday.

Anyone with information can contact Wodonga detectives on (02) 6049 2700.