Photos: Elders trials tackle cropping issues

More than 100 croppers and agriculture experts from across the Riverina attended Elders annual cropping trial field day at Rand on Wednesday.

The day looked at progress of Elders’  plot – on the Rand property of Carmerl and Russell McCall – covering winter and spring wheat varieties as well as barley varieties, in furrow application of liquid fertilizers at time of sowing and a range of disease, weed and pest control updates.

Elders Albury agronomist Desi Toohey said one of the highlights came from guest speaker, leading herbicide resistance expert Peter Boutsalis.

“He was a great guest speaker. He’s highly regarded in the field of herbicide resistance research,” Mr Toohey said.

“Herbicide resistance in the area is increasing so it was great to hear his views and research findings.”

Mr Toohey said the day was a success but most farmers attending faced a tough spring unless the weather turned.

“It would be good to get a couple of big drops to take the pressure off,” he said.

“If we get hot temperatures at the back end of flowering, or frosts, it’s going to put the pressure on so we really want some good spring rain through the end of September, October, even into November.”