Gathering together to heal the wounds of losing a young child

BORDER parents who have lost babies are supporting one another through their pain.

About 50 people attended a Border Baby and Pregnancy Loss Support gathering at Sumsion Gardens on Sunday.

Butterflies and balloons were released in memory of those who have died.

Andy McLean, who lost his nine-month-old daughter Mia in 2011, said the pain never went away.

“But eventually you find a way of coping,” he said.

“You find a way of being able to put one foot forward in front of the other.

“That was the hardest thing for us.

“We didn’t know anyone who had had a similar experience, we had no one we could turn to, no one we could talk to.”

Mr McLean said the loss was devastating.

Speaking with others who had been through the same experience helps him and his wife, Nell.

Sarah Bayliss is also a member, having lost a twin in 2010.

“It’s just nice to be around people who have been through the same loss as yourself,” she said.

“I had twins, Jack and Harry, and I was 36 weeks pregnant and went to hospital.

“I found out that Harry had passed away and I had to deliver straight away.

“They sent Jack to hospital in Canberra.

“He’s doing really well now, but it was very tough.” 

Members catch up at a cafe once a month and always welcome new members. 

The balloon and butterfly release is an annual event.

“We’re not professional counsellors. We’re just people who have been through it and can hopefully offer some assistance,” Mr McLean said.