Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club celebrates first Australian representative

A SPORTING club that began as a project to support cancer survivors now has its first national representative.

Brave Hearts Dragon Boat Club member Nerida Millward will compete for Australia at the 13th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in China next week.

Three paddlers from Albury-Wodonga Warriors, Graeme Nugent, Ray Olsson and Lisa Smallbone, are also part of the Auroras squad.

Millward began dragon boating nine years ago and joined Brave Hearts to support those who have experienced cancer.

“I very much believed in the concept of Brave Hearts,” she said. “It’s a gorgeous club in that aspect of nurturing and caring for people that have been on that journey.”

Three years ago she began to take her sport more seriously.

“I decided to get right into it and look after myself a bit better and that’s been magic,” Millward said.

At the world titles, the paddler will compete with the senior C crews.

“I’m excited and I’m very proud to be the first Brave Heart that’s got there,” she said.