Meth supplier may soon be a free man

BUST: Drugs and other items seized in the raids
BUST: Drugs and other items seized in the raids

A LARGE-scale drug dealer could be released next week after being sentenced in court.

Matthew Bainbridge was just 21 when he was caught by police in a cross-Border operation in 2015.

Bainbridge had headed a drug syndicate that made a $175,000 profit, and was arrested during a sting at Noreuil Park.

He had supplied 56 grams of methamphetamine to an undercover officer, with a further 17.94 grams of the drug in a vehicle given to him by a supplier.

A search of his Maynet Place home in West Albury unearthed 55.7 grams of ice in a toolbox in a shed.

He was later charged with supplying almost 600 grams of ice.

Bainbridge was recently sentenced to a non-parole period of two years for the offending.

As it was backdated to the time of his arrest, he could be a free man as early as next Saturday.

He was sentenced to a maximum term of four years in jail, and would spend two years on parole if released. 

He will return to court on November 3 with a proceeds of crime application to be heard.