YOU SAY: Expectations, remuneration far exceeds the ‘service’

Are our expectations too high? Do we as a community, as a society and as an electorate have unrealistic hopes that those who stand for government will, when elected, do a very good job? 

Should we who are paying their salaries, benefits, numerous allowances and generous superannuation expect a very high standard of performance, accountability for promises made, honesty in office and that they will work for the greater benefit of all Australians? 

HARD DAY AT THE OFFICE: Many politicians are falling far short of the expectations of voters. A reader wonders: "Is that what we are paying them for?"

HARD DAY AT THE OFFICE: Many politicians are falling far short of the expectations of voters. A reader wonders: "Is that what we are paying them for?"

It does seem that at the moment, our expectations are far exceeding the performance of so many who sit in government. We have a government that is really unable to govern. Crisis and crisis are only disrupted by manufactured distraction. Is that what we are paying them for? 

Are we getting value for money or are we being swindled, ripped off, lied to and being treated with contempt? Or is this just Australia heading down the potholed freeway, in the fast lane, to becoming another poor, corrupt third world country? 

Glenn Wilson, Tallangatta Valley

Green is good

Hopefully the removal of the objections to the development at the end of Irvine Parade at Yarrawonga by VCAT (‘VicRoads back down on Yarrawonga unit development, The Border Mail, October 23) really does signal the end of the Grey route and adoption of the logical, cheaper and more efficient Green route. It has amazed me how the Grey route was ever considered a viable option.

Living in Berrigan at present we already avoid the congested main street whenever we visit from north or south and travel side streets to access shops and parking. The Green route would  make this so much easier for locals and visitors.

I was a bit miffed not to have the opportunity to vote in the recent poll as we pay rates on two Moira Shire properties, one in Yarrawonga in anticipation of moving back, and one out of town (maybe that’s why a low vote rate was recorded?).

As we travel every year we are constantly astounded at the foresight shown by other communities around Australia in preserving their bypassed bridges etc for tourism, community use and historical reasons, and also at the actual use and interest they generate. But it seems the tourist towns of Yarrawonga/Mulwala are a bit too short-sighted or already have too many attractions for that.

A perfect use for the old bridge in just one instance was the recent triathlon which basically closed the towns’ link off, with friends going from Mulwala to just out the Cobram Road to Forges Beach for a wedding electing to go through Cobram/Barooga. That is ridiculous, especially as some were strangers and had trouble finding their way.

Bob Lee, Berrigan

More motorbikes please

I attended the Border Bike Fest on Sunday as a trade exhibitor and would like to commend the Lions Club of Wodonga (with the help of the Albury-Wodonga Ulysses Club) for conducting yet again a low cost, informal fun day for families with an array of motorbikes and associated industry displays.

The only disappointing part of the day was that there were more motorbikes in the car park than there were on display. Considering the proceeds of the day go to the Lions Club, and ultimately into the community, it would be great to see the car park motorbikes inside the arena and on display in support of the event.

Kathy Anderson, Jindera