LETTERS: Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

RULES ARE CLEAR: Politicians have no right to call for a change to the rules just because so many of them have been caught out on dual citizenship, a reader says.
RULES ARE CLEAR: Politicians have no right to call for a change to the rules just because so many of them have been caught out on dual citizenship, a reader says.

On the back of Senator Stephen Parry's possible dual citizenship admission, it's no surprise Senator George Brandis focuses on protecting politicians. He says section 44 (i), “sits oddly with the notion of a multicultural democracy”.

So let's make multiple spouses, bearing arms, banning women from driving, facing Mecca five times a day and wearing a burqa part of our democracy then. I would imagine many Australians would like one or more of those to be law. Then suburbs would become gated communities with strict entrance requirements. Is this what multicultural democracy means?

We can be a multicultural society and respect the cultures of others but democracy applies to all so it needs to be uniform. 

Senator Brandis believes the issue needs to be dealt with. How so? Remove it? I like section 44 (i) and it's always been there. The AEC makes it very clear the requirements for standing as a candidate. I'm not sure about all politicians but I learnt to read when I was 5.  Responsibility is in such short supply these days.

Anthony Hoffmann, Baranduda

Lawyers the only winners

What a waste of money having a banking royal commission would be – our banks are already regulated by APRA.

The only people who benefit out of a royal commission are the lawyers and the reports they write at the end make recommendations to so-call justify having it in the first place.

What further amuses me is the politicians who did not want the people to decide about same sex marriages are pushing for this royal commission into banks. Unless huge fines or jail time applies to bank officials who transgress the rules, nothing will change.

The recent Commonwealth Bank saga which has breached the rules in excess of 50,000 times has not seen the managing director fired. The chairperson position should also be challenged for not taking the hard decision, or is the saying “there is honour amongst thieves” a reality.

The recent tax on the big four banks should be extended to include all banks. When will our state and federal governments support Australian companies instead of adding additional taxes on them while direct international competitors are given favourable conditions to operate in Australia.

The present policies to increase taxes by both state and federal governments are only hurting the Australian economy. Politicians need to become more accountable and make hard decisions.

John Walker, North Wangaratta

Revamp the bike show

In response to Kathy Anderson's comment on the Border Bike Fest (‘More motorbikes please’, The Border Mail, November 1), I too was disappointed at seeing more bikes in the car park than inside.

This might have been due to the 10am cut-off for entrants but to be fair, the organisers have to judge these bikes and don’t want to be judging well into the afternoon.

I have attended this event for the last four years, and have noticed dwindling numbers. Maybe it is time to make it a motor fest for bikes and cars – still have your bikes but also have hotrods/streetmachines and a swap meet. This would appeal to a more diverse crowd. There is plenty of room to accommodate this, just look at Chryslers on the Murray.

Ernie Rituper, West Albury