Border Mail readers have their say on the issues of the day

Having attended the Midnight Oil concert held at Gateway Lakes on November 3, I can only give heaps of praise to the promoters and various other organisations such as Wodonga City Council – especially for getting it on a Friday night – and local media outlets, especially The Border Mail, ensuring everyone knew it was on.

Congratulations must also go to the emergency services who ensured public safety was paramount.

TOP NOTCH: A reader who attended the Midnight Oil show at Gateway Lakes has congratulated organisers, saying the show and venue were both first rate.

TOP NOTCH: A reader who attended the Midnight Oil show at Gateway Lakes has congratulated organisers, saying the show and venue were both first rate.

The biggest thing I am sure the fans appreciated was that the event ran according to plan, starting on time and finishing on time.

I also spoke to people who had traveled from various places such as Melbourne, west Of Echuca and even Wagga. They spoke highly of the venue.

I look forward to seeing John Farnham coming in March of 2018 along with other various artists. Again I would like to say well done to all concerned for putting on an outstanding concert.

Kylie Davison-Hull Daysdale

Plea for control

Senator James Patterson has developed his own “marriage bill”, with more emphasis on religious protections.

The “religious liberty“ that Senator Patterson is seeking to ramp up in the face of a successful yes vote for marriage equality is in fact a plea, not for liberty but control and should be dismissed as the growing pains of a changing society. The suggested exemptions relate to the intolerance of religious traditions to social change as in votes for women and the ability to divorce and remarry, and to create ghettos of intolerance or safe havens from which contemporary values are assaulted.

 If public money is accepted by religious bodies they also need to import public value.

This is making the case for a national game in which all have to abide by the rules until a team member dons a cross when they can do whatever they please.

Peter MacLeod-Miller, Archdeacon of Albury and the Hume St Matthew's Anglican Church Albury

Promote home-grown

After listening to Malcolm Turnbull talk at some German event in Perth I realised why it is that both Bill Shorten and Mr Turnbull are on the nose with the public as Labor have been deafening by their silence.

Why was he talking about the success of Aldi and other German companies in Australia? What we need is a strong leader who promotes Australian companies and their success stories.

There are many Australian success stories which go under the radar such as an Australian company building ships for the US Navy and the companies in designing and building parts for the new Joint Strike Fighter airplanes.

Both the major parties have not looked at what led to Murray Goulburn – once a strong milk product producing company with a turnover in the billions – being sold for peanuts to an overseas company. The legacy of this demise has seen many farmers commit suicide. 

Our politicians need to get out and sell the success of well-run Australian companies and be seen to penalise poor governance to build confidence amongst the whole community. Pounding the beat amongst the community to get the real feeling instead of being guided by the small minority who use social media would be a good start.

John Walker, North Wangaratta