NSW Farmers launch Country Connection membership option for non-farm based supporters

To help urban people re-connect with agriculture and Australian farmers, NSW Farmers this week launched Country Connection, a new membership option for non-farm based members.

Country Connection, created for people who cared about where their food and fibre came from and wanted to support producers, was unveiled in Canberra on National Agriculture Day.

“There are a lot of people living in metropolitan areas who feel disconnected from the people who grow their food and fibre and we want to bridge that gap,” NSW Farmers president Derek Schoen said.

“Country Connection links people without a direct connection to the land with agriculture and farmers.

“Members receive newsletters full of tips from farmers on things like growing fruit and vegetables in the backyard, farm facts and recipes.

“There are also tasting nights in Sydney where our members showcase their products.”

Mr Schoen, who runs a mixed farm operation with his family at Corowa, said the inaugural AgDay recognised the importance of the Australian agricultural industry and its enormous contribution to the economy.

He encouraged all Australians to keep farmers in mind, whether you’re starting your day with a bowl of cereal, a slice of toast, a tub of yoghurt or a fresh fruit salad.

“Each year the average Aussie farmer feeds around 600 people,” he said.

“We produce more than $60 billion in food and fibre and that’s often under difficult conditions.

“We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature – droughts, floods, frosts and unpredictable weather but despite this we get on with our jobs of producing clean, green, safe and fresh produce.”