British India - Avalanche (Shock)

British India - Avalanche
British India - Avalanche

PATRONS on the Border will attest to British India’s explosive live style.

The Melbourne quartet has been a regular visitor to the region and now unleashes a third helping of its patented garage rock sound on Avalanche.

The boys do their best to get a little rage out of the system early with the noisy 90 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

After that, Avalanche dishes up a few unexpected results — in a good, musically-evolving kind of way.

The pop melodies have

always been a feature of BI, seemingly at odds with the manic music, but it’s always somehow worked.

A subtlety envelopes tracks like Because of You and Friends, although the latter is still partial to a spot of axe shredding.

Safari is a fist-pounding classic British India highlight and certain to be a live fan favourite.

RATING: ★★★½

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