YOUR SAY: Readers offer opinions on the banning of wakeboards on the Murray River and the recently elected Federation Council

I write regarding the trial ban on wakeboarding from Corowa to Bundalong. This matter is getting a lot of publicity, however I have not seen anyone providing a solution, which I believe I have. 

Leave my town out of it: A Bundalong resident believes her town's water frontage should not be subject to a wakeboard ban and the area affected should be altered.

Leave my town out of it: A Bundalong resident believes her town's water frontage should not be subject to a wakeboard ban and the area affected should be altered.

I have been coming to Bundalong for over 30 years, have owned property for 10 years and have lived there permanently for the last three years in which we have seen a massive increase in boating activity in the area – and not for the better. 

I row, kayak and water ski. We own a Malibu Response and a share of a 1960s wooden Seacraft water skiing vessel.  Sadly we can rarely use the Seacraft anymore because of the wake enhancing boats and their excessive wake.

I have a philosophy in life which is “anyone can do as they please, so long as it does not impact on the majority”.  In this case, there are a number of wake enhancing vessels which are preventing the majority of the other water users from enjoying their activity in a safe environment. 

The current proposal to ban these wake enhancing boats from Corowa to Bundalong Ovens Junction in my view is going to make it worse for those living in Bundalong township, pushing more boats into this area.  

The ban should go further to Majors Creek, a mere five kilometres by road. This would allow all users of the river to safely use it from Corowa to Majors Creek (except wake enhancing boats). The banks in this area would not have the impact they currently have due to the size of the excessive wakes. Wake enhancing boats can then enjoy the space from Majors Creek to the weir in a larger expanse of water.  

There is a boat ramp at Majors Creek and boat trailer park which is only 5km from the Ovens-Murray boat ramp that is used now.

This area also has very little residential population. Everyone wins.

Those who wish to wakeboard and surf using wake enhancing boats should go into open waters where the dissipation of the wake causes less disturbance to others (and the banks)   From my understanding,  wake enhancing boats are banned in some states of the US on enclosed waters and also on the Barwon River in Geelong, Clarence River in NSW and parts of the Ovens near to us.

I have met with Ben Scullin at Boating Industry Victoria and I am extremely disappointed that they are using a scare campaign saying businesses are going to be effected and this ban should not take place.  As BIA Vic, they should be supporting all boating users, and I do not believe they are by taking this stance, which prevents many other boating activities when the wake enhancing takes place. 

Please support the proposed ban of wake enhancing activity from Corowa to Ovens Junction to be extended to Majors Creek and everyone wins and undertakes their sport in a safe manner. 

Jeanette Bennett, Bundalong

Be upbeat about council

FEDERATION Shire elections voted for new directions and new ways and new people and to shake off past ways that held us all back and failed the shire and the region.

The new council has caused optimism and excitement for many who look forward and not back at the way things have been. Let’s read all the opinions and all the feelings  please.

Past mayors are part of the past and not the future. Too many people had given up on changes ever being embraced here and the comment is often "nothing changes here"

Stuart Davie, Corowa