48-hour grog session ends with man’s arrest after threats made to partner

AFTER drinking for 48 hours straight, an Albury chef unleashed a foul tirade on his partner which his own lawyer has admitted was disgraceful.

Albury Local Court heard Craig Gordon Scolyer, 33, “deeply regrets” his drunken behaviour on October 21.

Police went to confiscate his six guns from his home after the incident, but Scolyer refused to give the combination.

He handed over the code only after police threatened to use force to remove the gun safe from the wall.

He had gone on a drinking bender following his brother’s funeral after his unexpected death.

The man died in Sydney in early October and his funeral was held on October 20.

Police noted the funeral had had a “profound effect” on Scolyer.

The North Albury man had been drinking for two days straight when he got into an argument with his partner about 9pm on October 21.

The woman confiscated his keys amid concerns he would drink-drive and the 33-year-old screamed at her to give them back.

“Hurry the f--- up you toe rag ----,” he texted the woman.

Scolyer continued to call the woman a “f---ing parasite”, told her to go and die, and said he would “track you down and f--- you up”.

The woman believed he may have carried out the threats – Scolyer was kicked out of the army for anger management problems when he was younger, and has been violent with his partner and family members throughout his life.

He was argumentative and confrontational with police when they went to arrest him and take his guns.

He was charged with stalking or intimidating with intent to cause fear of physical harm.

Defence lawyer Mark Cronin said Scolyer had a relatively clean record and was working through issues with his partner. 

“He readily concedes his behaviour was disgraceful,” he said. 

Magistrate Tony Murray this week said he wasn’t the first person to seek solace in alcohol and noted the offence was tied to his brother's death. 

He fined Scolyer $900 and placed him on a 12-month good behaviour bond.