What you should do, where you should go

A prepare to evacuate order is in place for low-lying areas of Myrtleford tonight. Here is the warning from emergency services:

If you live, work or are holidaying in the low lying areas of the Myrtleford area Emergency Services advise you should prepare to evacuate now.

Leaving early is always the safest option and Emergency Services are concerned that with the rainfall still to come overnight, that floodwaters may rise rapidly.

If you wait until tomorrow morning, it may be too late to leave safely.

What you should do: 

Act now - take immediate action to protect your life and property.

Gather any essential medicines, important documents, mementos, photos and pets to take with you if you evacuate.

Have three days' supply of clothing and medication packed to take. 

If possible, contact your neighbours are aware of the situation and check if they need help.

For information on road closures go to traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au.

Where To Go:

If you need to evacuate consider where you can go. Options to evacuate to include:

A relief centre is now open at the Myrtleford Senior Citizens Centre, Smith St Myrtleford. Ph:  0448 835 195

Family or friends homes located in a safe location, away from flooding.

Or drive with great care to Wangaratta or Wodonga. If the road is flooded, turn around and return to the Myrtleford Relief Centre.

Directions and Routes:

The safest evacuation route at this time is the Great Alpine Road. Keep watch 

for any floodwater or debris that may be over the road.


The following transport options are available: 

Evacuation Assistance:

If you are unable to drive or need assistance to evacuate, phone the Relief Centre on Ph 0448 835 195 BEFORE 10 pm TONIGHT.                           

Stay safe:

Some areas will be likely to lose services including power, water, sewerage and telephone due to flooding.

Emergency services may not be able to help you if you choose to stay. 

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