The backyard rain gauge does not lie, and why do so many speed through school zones

Premier Daniel Andrews (‘Premier warning’, The Border Mail, December 2) was relying on inaccurate rainfall figures when he quoted the recent disappointing deluges.

It worries me once again that the Wangaratta airport is showing less rain than my rain gauge, by a large amount.

I use a large actual water gauge which collects the water and I compare it with my electronic tipping bucket weather station. Only my water collecting rain gauge is accurate at all times. The other gauge is subject to dirt, spiders and bird droppings. So why does the weather bureau depend on inaccurate equipment?

Friday’s Bureau of Meteorology rainfall record showed 9.4mm all day, when my home gauge showed 21mm. Then on Saturday, I had a total for the two-day period of 85mm up to 11am. Their total figures for the two days was only 64.6mm. 

PREPARED: Premier Daniel Andrews defended emergency warnings about flooding as he visited what was meant to be the flood's epicentre, Myrtleford, on Sunday.

PREPARED: Premier Daniel Andrews defended emergency warnings about flooding as he visited what was meant to be the flood's epicentre, Myrtleford, on Sunday.

So the rainfall figure at the BOM and their inaccurate tipping bucket gauges are still suspect, but the BOM swears they are accurate and it goes into historical rainfall figures, with it never being corrected.

Figures at other BOM weather stations including Wodonga are also giving low readings. Can readers please verify my reading please? I am cynical of the BOM and even their temperature numbers at this point, as this variance has been happening for a while.

Digital temperature meters at airports measure peak temperature instantly, when a passing jet exhaust may have caused this distorted air measurement when a bulb type ignores these.

John Vance, Wangaratta

Are they blind, or crazy?

It was almost a joy (yes, can you believe it) to see a speed camera in Wyse Street in Albury during peak hour on Friday night. I wish I could see them more often monitoring the traffic in the school zones along Beechworth Road in Wodonga. 

I travel along that road regularly during the 40km/h times and am constantly surprised that other drivers seem not to see the parade of children walking to and from school, the flashing lights indicating that the reduced speed limit and the bright uniforms of the crossing attendants. Are you offenders all blind? 

I have been subjected to tail-gaiting, foul looks and frustrated gestures from other drivers while I have been abiding by the speed limit and they haven't. Abusing someone for abiding by the rules is just rude.  Abusing someone for abiding by the reduced speed limit whilst speeding with children in the car is unacceptable. Not only are you teaching your children that rules don't apply, you are teaching them that disrespecting others is OK. Are you offenders all totally mad? 

So offenders, in future, please be mindful of the road rules, your driving habits and the example you are setting to younger generations.

 I certainly don't want to find myself sitting next to you somewhere next year, next decade or in 50 years time listening to you complain about subsequent generations' poor behaviour and lack of respect. 

If in the future I still have my marbles and an intact filter between my brain and mouth and you are banging on about those things, you may escape scott-free. If in the future I lose those things, you may find yourself red-carded and asked whether your actions played any part in that outcome.

Otto Melville, (self-appointed manner’s police), Albury