Top 10 names for dogs and cats released: Luna tops the charts

When you call your pet do you call Max, or Charlie or Bella? They are some of the top names released for dogs and cats for 2017. 

The top 10 names for both dogs and cats have been released by Pet Insurance Australia, and while some are similar to the 2016 list, there are some new surprises in there. 

Old-school pet names like Frankie and Archie have made a comeback this year when it comes to naming your dog, but the name Frankie isn’t one to use for a cat anymore. 

Popular TV shows such as Game of Thrones and Vikings have also made an impact on the names people are giving their pets. 

Buddy, Lucy and Daisy have all been knocked out of the top 10 names for Dogs and replaced by Luna, Frankie and Bailey with Luna taking the top name for the year. 

Looking at the cats the newcomers to the list in 2017 are Max, Tilly and Frankie while Missy, Oscar and Tiger have all been knocked off the top 10 list for cat names this year. 

Top 10 dog names of 2017

  1. Luna
  2. Charlie
  3. Bella
  4. Ruby
  5. Max
  6. Archie
  7. Coco
  8. Frankie
  9. Bailey
  10. Molly

Top 10 cat names of 2017

  1. Luna
  2. Coco
  3. Leo
  4. Bella
  5. Charlie
  6. Simba
  7. Milo
  8. Max
  9. Tilly
  10. Frankie