‘Dynamic’ Aberfeldy for sale

FIVE generations of the Ross family have farmed Aberfeldy at Holbrook.

But brothers Ian and Doug Ross have decided to end 145 years of their family’s association with the 1377ha of Billabong Valley country.

Ian Ross said the time had come for himself and his wife of 20 years, Lorraine, to “do something different”.

“Our three kids are just getting into uni, I’m 50 and the time has come,” Mr Ross said.

“My brother Doug has the farm next door but it was all originally one property.

“We have decided to sell it as one property rather than cut it up.

“We’ve done a lot of work around the farm over the past five years and it is a better proposition at that size (to sell) as the one property and it all interlinks well, improvements on the farm like pumps and bores.”

Mr Ross said he and Lorraine had also done a lot of work on the property’s homestead as well over the last five years.

“The achievement of getting a 1926 double-brick homestead done up has been magnificent; it was a lot of hard work but a big achievement.

“That is what makes it even more difficult to leave.”

Mr Ross said there was some sadness in leaving the property.

“But someone had to make the big call, whether it had been the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth generation,” he said.

“I think our legacy to our children is the kids have had a great education and they’ll have skills coming out the other end.

“If any of them want to go back on the land then they can start again.

“Most things will eventually turn over and start again, refresh and renew.”

Mr Ross said he was looking into the future with some excitement.

“I think we will probably eventually buy another property,” he said.

“I am excited about being 50, having a few educational skills and a bit of age on my side; I think it is really exciting given the corporate interest in farming.

“I guess I’m upping the ante a bit and going to a new level.”

Mr Ross said Aberfeldy was both dynamic and versatile.

“The land is suitable for cropping, prime lambs, cattle or stud activities and has a large nine-kilometre frontage to Billabong Creek,” he said.

“It is open, highly productive land.

“It has an excellent track record for reliable production and has a heavy carrying capacity of 20,000dse or cattle equivalents.

“Aberfeldy has excellent working improvements, including a six-stand woolshed, sheep yards, cattle yards and machinery shedding and silos.

“The homestead is 50 squares, with guest house, an established garden plus manager’s house.”

Aberfeldy will be sold by auction at 2pm on June 13 at the Commercial Club Albury.

For further information contact Meares and Associates on (02) 9362 8111 or Elders Albury branch on (02) 6021 3355.

To view the electronic brochure go to meares.com.au/brochure/aberfeldy/

The Aberfeldy homestead.

The Aberfeldy homestead.