YOU SAY: Memorable year for our RSL and its supporters

The past year has been very memorable for the Rutherglen RSL sub-branch as it celebrated a century of service to veterans and their dependants from Rutherglen and surrounding areas.

It has been 12 months of contemplating, celebrating and commemorating for sub-branch members commencing with the unveiling of a WW1 soldier statue in the Rutherglen Memorial Park by Dr Brendan Nelson, director of the National War Memorial, on February 18.

An honour avenue of Lone Pine trees was dedicated on April 18,  followed by a successful Anzac Day on April 25.

PROUD: John Collins at his great uncle's grave, which was one of five officially dedicated in a ceremony at Carlyle cemetery on Remembrance Day.

PROUD: John Collins at his great uncle's grave, which was one of five officially dedicated in a ceremony at Carlyle cemetery on Remembrance Day.

Vietnam Veterans Day was commemorated on August 18 and the centenary of the famous cavalry charge at Beersheba by the Australian Light Horse was remembered on October 31.

Remembrance Day (November 11) witnessed a moving service at Carlyle Cemetery in Rutherglen when five war graves of WWI veterans who had lain in unmarked graves for decades were dedicated.

The president and members of the sub-branch wish to extend their appreciation to the many organisations, individuals and members of the local community who have offered their support and generosity throughout the year.

I would like to pass on particular thanks to Indigo Shire, Army personnel from Latchford Barracks and Bonegilla, local school principals and students, local clergy and all tradespeople and suppliers whose efforts and contributions ensured that all activities and events went off efficiently and professionally.

Small communities rely heavily on people banding together to ensure meaningful events are remembered.

The citizens of Rutherglen certainly have supported the RSL over a long period and are to be congratulated on their ongoing support of this small but dedicated sub-branch.

Many thanks to everyone.

David Martin, secretary Rutherglen RSL sub-branch

No compromise

The only religious freedoms that have been compromised by the recent changes to our marriage laws are the freedoms of the God Squad to continue to impose its sanctimonious discriminations on same-sex couples.

If it is justified for a baker to refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex couple on religious grounds, then surely it is also justified for a Protestant landlord to refuse accommodation to a Catholic tenant, or for a Muslim doctor to refuse to treat a Christian patient.

D. A. Corbett, Albury

You’ve got to ask

With respect to your editorial of December 12 (‘More thought needed on arenas stroke play’), Albury City Council has not received NSW funding for Lavington Sports Ground for a simple reason: Albury Council has not yet lodged any application for such a grant.

That is despite repeated encouragement from myself and the Sports Minister to get moving while funding was available.

This silence has been going on for months.

During the recent NSW Cabinet visit to Albury I even arranged for the Minister to discuss Lavington Sports Ground with Council. So why the protest now? 

Greg Aplin MP, Member for Albury