YOU SAY: Alarm bells ring over lack of warning from cyclists

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Got something to say? Email us:

Stumped trying to buy a present for someone that has everything? Have you considered a bell for their bicycle? I’ll bet most cyclists you know don’t have a bell on their bicycle and I’m over it.

Honestly, cyclists, it’s really good that you are out there exercising.

But it’s not that easy to get out of your way if you don’t ring your bell.  

Being yelled at when you are nearly about to run us over to get out of the way is not much fun.

We use the local walking/cycling paths a lot and are well aware that two dogs, two toddlers and our bottoms can be a wide load.  We are more than happy to move over if you give us notice. 

Get some bells or give some bells this Christmas, please.

Otto Melville, Albury

What a beautiful family

On Friday, December 15 I was selling raffle tickets at Lavington Plaza when a dad, his son and daughter bought some tickets from me and as I spoke to the two young children, they told me that they were going to have some breakfast as soon as their dad had finished writing out their raffle tickets, as they had not had breakfast before they left home.

I said casually that I had no breakfast either, and this beautiful little girl whispered something in her dad’s ear and I thought to myself this is going to cost dad something, anyway straight after that they left, and I thought no more about them, then about 10 minutes later they returned and the little girl said to me here’s your breakfast, and gave me cheese croissant with ham.

What a lovely family to have gone to the trouble and expense to do such a wonderful thing for a complete stranger. I hope that this family has a very merry Christmas and a happy new year that brings them all the good health and happiness. God bless these people.

Les Janetzki, Albury

SCENIC: One reader has lamented a lack of support for Corowa Golf Club from people in the Murray River town. Got something to say? Email us:

SCENIC: One reader has lamented a lack of support for Corowa Golf Club from people in the Murray River town. Got something to say? Email us:

Support stunning course

The Corowa Golf Club needs some innovative and immediate actions to get people through the doors to dine, stay, play and grow its membership.

There is a need for some brave moves and one of these should be to merge the Civic Bowls Club and the golf club and relocate the Civic Bowls Club to the golf club. A small town like Corowa must be efficient. 

The RSL has its bowls club and the Civic club should be part of the golf club which would spread the clubs apart. The golf club is vital for town and it must catch up with other clubs that are modern and busy. The motel must be modernised to attract golfing tourists. The web pages with golfing deals and holidays should be participated in by the Corowa Golf Club.

The course and location is stunning and it should not have been able to get so far behind the times. 

The golf club must be made viable and this must occur quickly. This is where jobs and tourism can boost town. Council in the past has ignored its best potential, in locations such as the golf club. 

The cinema is a start but much more is required. 

Too many locals are choosing to wine and dine at Mulwala clubs when the Corowa Golf Club should be the choice for locals and tourists. The attendance overall at the golf club recently was extremely disappointing, with only three diners! 

Ken Carruthers, Corowa