YOU SAY: Thank you: Christmas service was invaluable

I recently attended the Rememberance Service at Glenmorus Gardens.

The Rememberance Service is invaluable. It is done in the beautiful Glenmorus Gardens where you remember your loved ones at this difficult time of year. It was superbly carried out in serene surroundings with total respect for all who were there.

The music, the speakers and the hosts went well above my expectations, the professionalism of all who took part was of the highest standard and I thank you for the total respect and honour you gave to my loved ones and I.

I will be honoured to attend in future years as this was my first. I totally recommend this service.

EMOTIONAL SERVICE: A reader has praised the Remembrance Service at Albury's Glenmorus Gardens, saying the event was well above her expectations.

EMOTIONAL SERVICE: A reader has praised the Remembrance Service at Albury's Glenmorus Gardens, saying the event was well above her expectations.

It would be wonderful for the Glenmorus Gardens designers and caretakers to consider a reflection pond, where people who do not have a plot or plaque to attend because of whatever reason, usually because their loved one is buried elsewhere.

But it could be a place for people to have a space to simply reflect on their treasured memories of their deceased loved ones. 

This may help the grieving process, it may help to heal broken hearts.

Megan Hitchen, Albury  

It’s easy listening

It was with interest that I read the criticism of Joseph Thomsen on ABC radio (‘Cue the music Joseph’, The Border Mail letters, December 16). 

Some years ago Joseph seemed to undergo a renaissance in his program presentation. Today I find his programs well researched, he has excellent speakers on a range of diverse topics and when necessary has representatives for both sides of an argument. 

I am not bothered about station numbers being given out as I often avail myself of the opportunity to make contact. It allows others, who might not remember the number, to do the same. As for his um’s and silent pauses, they did annoy me for a while, then I realised it usually occurs when reading the weather while waiting for computer screen to update. I only realised this when Gaye Pattison also hesitated whilst presenting the weather. Rather than having a silent pause Gay commented “Just waiting for the screen to update.” So much for Australia’s NBN.

Personally I find it remarkable that Joseph and his team can get up, organise and present a show five days a week, often before I am out of bed. I have now settled in and am a regular listener and find he reads listeners’ comments with clarity, has a very professional voice, and a self-depreciating sense of humour – all of which makes listening easy and pleasurable. 

Greg Oates, Huon Creek

Toughen up jails

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews keeps telling us we are safe. If so why are so many people terrorised in robberies and violent crime. Maybe the weak judiciary is the problem or the ‘Club Med’ jails that cost well over $100,000 per prisoner.

When you consider a prison officer’s salary is a bit over $60,000, where does all the money go? 

Maybe a basic jail with no gyms, no cable TV and all the rest of the luxuries would make it cheaper and it would certainly be a place prisoners did not want to return to. 

Take all the money spent on luxurious prisoner accommodation and spend it on hospitals etc and stop lying to the public about how safe we are.

B Scott-Young, East Albury