We Say: This year resolve to focus on tolerance and respect, not on getting the latest fad

In our busy world we are bombarded by noise telling us what we should do, think and buy; how we should look and feel; who we should love and fear.

It is constant and it is almost unavoidable.

Something as simple as a text message to a friend or partner sees you bombarded with tailored ads built on the words and topic you just messaged about, regardless.

Today is a day to mute that constant noise and focus on genuine personal goal-setting.

What is your new year’s resolution? What do you want to achieve? What is most important to you? Do those resolutions and goals align with what is most important to you?

Is it important you have the latest, newest gadget when version 3 still does the same task as version 8, or 9 or 10?

Instead of striving for the newest car, TV, or life improving gadget, strive for health and harmony and friendships.

Showing your family, colleagues, neighbours and community examples of how to live in tolerance and respect is more rewarding and more important than material possessions. It is free and creates no economic jealousy.

It is as simple as caring for what you have, not what to don’t have.

As we launch into 2018 armed with new resolutions and yet unfulfilled resolutions from years gone by, it is a time to reflect on what is important.

In the past 12 months our vibrant region has experienced highs and lows. 

It has been sad year for one of the North East’s much loved and highly respected business, Murray Goulburn.

Mismanagement at the corporate level has resulted in a year of pain – financially and emotionally – for our hard-working and dedicated dairy farmers and the communities they live in.

More than 100 years of tradition was flushed away when Murray Goulburn said its Tangambalanga milk processing plant would shut. But from that low came a story of positivity. 

A determined group of farming families have risen from that dark cloud to rebuild a new farmer-owned dairy co-op.

The new co-op focused on what they have and what they can do, not was has been lost.

The spirit of the families like those behind Mountain Milk ensures our great region will continue to prosper.

It is also a positive message for all of us today as we stop and reevaluate what matters to us and what is really important.