YOU SAY: Wangaratta's Aquatics Strategy questioned, abortion is violence against women, and something very wrong on our roads

GONE: Yarrunga pool at Wangaratta is now closed. A reader says he believes that the Council has already made up its mind about what it wants in relation to pools in the city.
GONE: Yarrunga pool at Wangaratta is now closed. A reader says he believes that the Council has already made up its mind about what it wants in relation to pools in the city.

Wangaratta’s Aquatics Strategy is just a politically correct way of Council administration telling us, the citizens and ratepayers, that they intend to spend many millions of dollars on an Olympic training pool in Wangaratta. 

I understand there are less than 100 members in the local swimming club who would be the prime users.

And a side issue Council administration doesn't talk about is the closure and destruction of what was the  Yarrunga family and junior school use pool.

Wangaratta Council administration seems to have a determination not to promote the Swan Street Olympic pool. This will no doubt lower the use and it will be the subject of a future council report highlighting the need to close this pool also.

Council is making a fourth attempt to attract federal funding for a pool, after having been knocked back three times. If the Swan Street pool is closed then the swimmers will have only two options and that is, go to the Barr Reserve or go to the river.

Brian Fox, Wangaratta

Stop the hypocrisy

What people seem to overlook in the abortion debate is that more than half of the victims being killed at abortion clinics are female pre-born babies.

Anne Brennan made a plea for the end of violence towards women (‘Undermining the message when it comes to women’, The Border Mail, December 28). But abortion is the most extreme form of violence resulting in death for the tiniest victims. As long as our community allows the victimisation of the voiceless pre-born through abortion, our pleas for an end to violence against women will sound a note of hypocrisy.

So, let's oppose all violence against all women, (girls, teenagers, adults and pre-born babies) and against males too as pre-born baby boys don't want their mothers letting doctors kill them either.

Pat Darcey, Thurgoona

Something is so wrong

I can imagine the frustration of our police with driver behaviour and the subsequent road toll. This driver behaviour is borne of irresponsible state beaurocracy as is the lack of deterrents delivered courtesy of soft laws and court penalties.

The media constantly gives us an update of government hysteria and justified police pleas regarding our road toll. The whole issue is solely political window-dressing and until we go back to firm, basic common sense laws to address driver behaviour, our roads will always deliver tragic outcomes.

Very recently, at the Five-Ways at Lavington, a learner driver was before me at the lights turning right, accompanied by another young person. He sat revving the car waiting for the lights to change. When this occurred, he accelerated and sped off dangerously into the right turn. Frightening to think this fool, who is unfit to drive, will obtain a provisional licence and potentially soon after wipe out not only himself but innocent others. Something is wrong, terribly wrong.

Peter Dent, Thurgoona

Approach is warped

The Victorian Opposition is going to introduce mandatory sentences for drug dealers selling drugs to killers. This is like having four flat tyres on your car and cleaning the windscreen to fix the problem. Gives you a good idea how warped politicians are when it comes to public safety.

B Scott-Young, East Albury