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I write this letter to a young lady at whom I waggled my finger as she texted while waiting at traffic lights in Mate Street on Tuesday, January 2.

She had a lovely face, was nicely made-up, with her hair neatly in a top-knot, and long manicured fingernails – yes, I could actually see them reflected in the drivers’ side window as she tap-tap-tapped her way through a text.

My mind immediately went to the sad real event that was written up in The Border Mail just a few weeks ago. My mind went to Vicki Richardson, the mother devastated by the death of her daughter Brooke, who was texting while driving.

I thought that if you really must text while waiting at traffic lights you would be a sure thing to have a look at your phone, whenever it pinged at you.

Please, lovely young lady, think about what you will leave behind when you finally run off the road.

TRAGIC: A reader saw a young driver texting behind the wheel and thought of  the sad story of Vicki Richardson, who has campaigned on the issue since losing her daughter.

TRAGIC: A reader saw a young driver texting behind the wheel and thought of the sad story of Vicki Richardson, who has campaigned on the issue since losing her daughter.

Sadly you probably don't read the “Letters” column, but maybe your parents do.

Your number plate began with “A” and ended with “3”. I hope I don't read about your demise soon.

It's simple ... just wait till you're in a safe place to have a look and respond.

JI Parker, Thurgoona

We are over-governed

The suggestion that we should have another postal poll to see if Australia wants to replace the Queen as head of State just shows how out of touch our politicians are with the community.

This is only a diversion because of their lack of vision for this country.

The biggest issue which is affecting us all is the over-governance of this nation.

When a state government makes a bad decision it blames the federal government. There is far too much duplication between the federal and state governments which is making investment in Australia due to the bureaucracy a line-ball decision.

I have suggested previously the state and local governments be replaced by regional governments.  Examples of why state governments have become irrelevant are obvious when you live near a state border with the different rules from state to state.

Why has Tasmania two Houses of Parliament for a population of around half a million people? Also, look at the number of local governments that have been put into administration over the last 10 years.

You will hear from all the pollies and bureaucrats this cannot be achieved, a stand based on self-preservation. Just replace all local governments with regional governments, and then transfer all state powers to the federal government.

John Walker, Wangaratta

Enough global warming

Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend with The Border Mail. You are averaging two to three articles per day on global warming, but there is no mention at all of the weather in the northern hemisphere, where the US, Britain and Europe are all experiencing a particularly severe winter.

Just for the record, this extreme cold is news. Yet another unsubstantiated global warming article is not.

Alan Panther, Howlong

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