Australian tennis legend Rex Hartwig opens 2018 Margaret Court Cup

Australian tennis legend Rex Hartwig was the guest of honour at Thursday’s opening ceremony of the Margaret Court Cup in Albury.

The 88-year-old multiple grand slam doubles champion, inducted into the Australian Tennis Hall of Fame in 2016, passed on some wise words about hard work to the next generation of tennis stars.

“Margaret Court really was a hard worker, that’s why she became the best women’s player of all time,” Hartwig said.

“When I came back from America with Jack Kramer’s group, I’d been away for six months playing daily and thought I was pretty fit.

“Margaret was getting ready to go over on her first trip and Frank Sedgman and his wife had her under their wing and they got me to play her twice a week.

“I ran that girl everywhere and after about an hour I said ‘have you had enough?’, because I was buggered.

“You’ve got to be that way to get anywhere, you’ve got to fight for it.”