Beechworth incident an alleged sexual assault

UPDATE: Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault in Beechworth.

A Victorian police media spokeswoman on Saturday afternoon confirmed this situation.

“Police are investigating an alleged sexual assault in Beechworth,” she said.

“Inquiries are still pending so it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

The presence of police officers in Beechworth on Saturday morning, combined with an area taped off near a car park, had attracted public attention.

EARLIER: Police have reassured people concerned by the presence of officers and police tape in Beechworth on Saturday morning.

Wodonga police said officers were investigating an overnight incident, believed to be an assault, but there was no property damage or safety concerns for the public.

“There’s no ongoing issues, it’s just processing of the scene of something that happened overnight,” a spokeswoman said.

The Border Mail received reports of a Beechworth car park being taped off by police.