Sneak peek: Get a look inside the brand new, $29 million Drome Street Bunnings

For the man in charge of Albury’s new Bunnings store, preparing for its opening has been like getting ready for a grand final.

An official opening date is still to be confirmed, but it will likely be sometime next week.

Between 60 and 100 people have spent the last month stacking shelves and constructing displays in the new store on Drome Street, which is nearly twice as big as the soon-to-close premises on Young Street.

It's been a busy few months for complex manager David Goode, who said the upcoming official opening was like grand final day.

“I've talked a bit about getting here when the shell of the building was complete, I was standing in here when the walls went up and I was walking around on a dirt floor,” he said.

“You don't see the enormity of it until you see all the red racks that are completely empty, that was back in December.

“It was a bit like footy finals, you're up and dressed with your boots on at six in the morning, but you have to wait until the game starts later in the afternoon.

“I've had a lot of nervous energy.”

More than 190 people will be employed at the Drome Street store when it opens, with 120 employees from the existing site to be joined by an additional 70 from next week.

While there is still some electrical work being completed, the majority of the stock has been placed in the 19,000 square metre store – almost twice the size of the old store.

Mr Goode believes the nursery alone is three or four times bigger than the old one. 

It's in that nursery you can find one of his favourite aisles – stacked head to toe with potting mix and soil, perfectly symmetrical.

“For us to move into a shop that was 97 per cent complete was a huge benefit,” he said.

“We've still got a bit to do, but we're due to open in the first week of February and that's not far away.”

The new store cost $29 million, and includes new flooring, kitchen and bathroom displays.

Construction was completed in December.