Paraglider back to earth after 5 hours spent stuck up a tree

A PARAGLIDER who spent five hours stuck 30 metres up a pine tree escaped without injury.

The 70-year-old Melbourne man took off from the Mystic Hill launch spot at Bright on Thursday.

His glider collapsed and he deployed his reserve parachute, and crashed about 1pm.

Acting Sergeant Surrey Hunter said two police search and rescue members were flown to the area by helicopter to help retrieve the man.

“He impacted the trees about 1pm, we got him down to the group about 6pm,” he said.

“We got him out of the tree and he walked out, headed home.”

The man had been prepared with food, water and a mobile phone.

Acting Sergeant Hunter said four police officers, eight SES volunteers and a paramedic were involved. 

The man did not require hospital treatment. 

It followed a Walwa crash on January 16 where a paraglider badly broke his leg.