Close call as grass fire sparked by fence narrowly misses Sandy Creek home

FIRE has narrowly missed a home at Sandy Creek.

Firefighters were called to the Egan Lane property about 12.50pm on Saturday.

Flames started in grass near the home, possibly sparked by an electric fence on the property. 

Firefighter Stephen Carroll said weather conditions meant the fire burnt away from the home.

“It took off up the hill,” he said.

“We’ve been pretty lucky.

"The conditions were in our favour.”

The residents were not home at the time and were told of the incident over the phone. 

About 15 firefighters spent about an hour extinguishing the flames, which burnt about a hectare-and-a-half of grass.

The house was not damaged. 

One volunteer was hospitalised by paramedics due to a heart problem but was later discharged.

Mr Carroll said a shock from the electric fence may have disrupted his pacemaker.

“He had a bit of a heart turn,” he said.

“He’s home now which is good.”

Mr Carroll said the fire could have caused more damage if it wasn’t spotted.

“Had it been left, you'd never know what could have happened,” he said. 

“It seems at this stage it’s an electric fence that’s started it off.”

The incident was initially reported as a structure fire but only grass was burnt. 

Albury firefighters also responded to a blaze at the back of First Choice Liquor on Sunday morning. 

Pallets at the building, on the coroner of Dean and Young streets, were burnt. 

The heat caused damage to the building and an awning. 

Police attended the incident, which is being treated as suspicious. 

Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, which occurred next to a fire hydrant. 

A security camera is positioned directly underneath the area where the fire started. 

The blaze was so hot, it damaged the concrete wall and caused pieces of it to fall off. 

Scorch marks were left of the building. 

The wooden pallets were damaged during the incident, which occurred at a loading dock. 

Anyone with information can call police on (02) 6023 9299 or 1800 333 000.