Sandy Creek Catholic Church celebrates centenary in 2018-2019

TWO months before World War I ended, Sandy Creek Catholic Church was taking shape high on a hill overlooking the creek.

The foundation stone was laid on September 18, 1918.

Bricks were transported from Melbourne to Huon railway station while horse and dray delivered them to Sandy Creek.

St Michael’s Catholic Church parishioner Brian Nevin, who was both confirmed and married in the church, said his father spoke of the never-ending procession of bricks to the site.

“Loads and loads of bricks on horse and dray were taken to the project site,” he said.

Another parishioner Anthony Lonergan said it would have been a big undertaking for the time.

“The building is triple brick so there would have been a lot of them,” he said.

“They would have weighed seven or eight pounds a brick so it was a lot of weight to cart up to the site.”

St Michael’s Catholic Church replaced a timber church, which was moved to Kergunyah.

The new building was officially opened early in 1919 but centenary celebrations will start this year during March.

Tallangatta Parish priest Joseph Pothenparampil holds mass at Sandy Creek each Saturday night.

Bishop of Sandhurst Leslie Tomlinson will take mass there on March 3 at 6pm.

A shared supper at Sandy Creek hall will follow.