Archie Thompson makes return to launch Murray United’s season

Archie Thompson returned to the Border on Saturday to help officially launch Murray United’s 2018 season.

Thompson made 21 appearances for Murray last year, but made the decision not to commit for another campaign.

“Obviously I’m not part of the club anymore, but to get the opportunity to come down, help out and try promote the club, I’m always willing to do it,” Thompson said.

“I keep a keen eye on the club from afar and I’ve seen the guys are having a great pre-season with some very good wins.”

Thompson has reflected on his time at Murray with several ex-teammates and players in the A-League and urged them to get back and play at the grassroots level if the opportunity arises.

“It gives you a feel of being a big kid again and you get that enjoyment back,” he said.

“When I came back to Murray, I had to let the ego go, and eventually I did and I really enjoyed my time.

“I’m glad they’re doing well and are looking to build the club more because it’s what the region needs.

“Hopefully the A-League sees this and brings a match down this way.

“I’m not going to miss the three-hour drive to get here, but I’ll miss it because they’re a great bunch of boys that are passionate about their football.”

Murray captain Ashley Dunn, technical director Adam Carty and Bright Red Academy coach Gonzalo Freddi also spoke at the launch.