Kiewa Street carpark in line for 20 CCTV cameras in unexpected security boost

CCTV is set to be extended to Albury’s recently completed Kiewa Street car park after the initial rollout of the security camera network came in under budget.

CCTV cameras in Dean Street, Albury

CCTV cameras in Dean Street, Albury

Albury Council has saved $217,000 from the installation of 52 cameras in the CBD from the original budget of $900,000 for the system which was switched on late last year.

The council must secure approval from its other CCTV funding partner, the federal government, before being able to install around 20 cameras at the Kiewa Street multi-deck car park.

“Like Volt Lane car park they will be primarily there for the reason of preventing malicious damage, vandalism, graffiti and the like,” Albury Council’s community and recreation director James Jenkins said.

He said an early estimate for the additional cameras would be around $180,000.

Dean Street has the bulk of the cameras with 34 and another 16 are located in the Volt Lane car park.

Mr Jenkins also said council was getting one request per week for footage from the CCTV cameras from Albury Police to assist in catching law breakers.

“Police are using it more frequently,” he said.

“The feedback from police to date has been very positive.

“Their requests for information have been very specific and from our end that is a lot easier for us.

“In the past when we’ve had requests from the police they would ask for a whole day’s footage.”