Tequila slammer pays $1500 for drunken Wodonga McDonald’s outburst

CONDEMNED: Michael Brown seen kicking his esky, as captured on mobile phone footage.
CONDEMNED: Michael Brown seen kicking his esky, as captured on mobile phone footage.

A drunken diner captured on video at a Wodonga McDonald’s abusing staff and smashing cash registers says tequila shots led to his aggression.

Michael Brown, 27, arrived at the Melrose Drive restaurant after 11pm on November 18.

Police prosecutor Leading Senior Constable Penny Lawler told Wodonga Magistrates Court on Tuesday that the man struggled to place his order.

“He’s confused himself and the witness,” she said.

“The accused has become agitated and aggressive as he was making no sense.”

He also ripped a blanket in the police cells after he was arrested.

Leading Senior Constable Penny Lawler said Brown told police “I had a reason, but I don’t know what it was”.

He pleaded guilty to criminal damage, behaving in an offensive manner and being drunk in public. 

The incident was filmed by another customer and shared widely on social media, which barrister Allison Vaughan said led to Brown being fired from his job at Visy.

“It went viral and it was a very public event in this region – it attracted a lot of attention,” she said.

“He has been publicly humiliated because of his drunken outburst.”

Brown has been through drug and alcohol issues in the past and planned to have only a few beers at a family barbecue that day, until someone brought out tequila.

“His memory is only jogged by YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets that had the video,” Ms Vaughan said.

Magistrate David Faram fined him $1500 and said Brown could not blame others for his crimes.

“He drank it – he takes responsibility for what goes into his body,” he said.

“It doesn’t surprise me that someone has captured this on their mobile phone and it’s gone viral.

“It’s of interest to everybody and it deserves to be condemned.”