North East wild dog, fox collections open March 20 at Ovens and Wodonga, March 21 at Benalla and Mansfield

Victorian Fox and Wild Dog Bounty collection teams will be back on the road from March with fox collection at Benalla and dog and fox collection at Mansfield, Ovens and Wodonga.

The first collection day for the North East is March 20 at Ovens and Wodonga. Benalla and Mansfield collections will open on March 21.

Agriculture Victoria’s John Matthews urged hunters to check collection centre locations and times at   

“The collection period for the fox and wild dog bounty will run from March until the end of October,” Mr Matthews said.

“Eligible participants can submit entire fox scalps for a $10 reward and entire wild dog skin pieces for a $120 reward during scheduled collection times.”

The yearly average for the bounty is now 98,413 fox scalps and 535 wild dog skin pieces, with more than 618,000 fox and 2675 dog skins collected since the bounty started in 2011.

“We are expecting larger numbers of scalps and wild dog skin pieces over the first few months of collections due to the stockpiling of body parts over summer and early autumn and a peak in fox hunting activity as young, vulnerable and displaced juvenile foxes move around the landscape,” he said.