Conditions cherry ripe for fishing

G’day fishos. How good is the weather at the moment? 

It’s great for camping out and perfect for fishing.

I was lucky enough to be able to swag it last Friday night with a motley crew on the Upper Murray, where we had a fair dip at celebrating Liam Zanardo’s bucks weekend – and had a little fish on the side.

Liam’s marrying my niece Abby, and he looked very elegant catching a cod or two while wearing a wedding dress.

The river was very low, making it hard to get about, but the crew still managed just more than 30 cod for the weekend. Lures accounted for roughly half the catch, with spinnerbaits the best.

Cheese and “Chicken’s Hit” accounted for the rest.

Young Ben Condon nailed six on Friday evening, while the rest of concentrated on doing the things you do on a bucks weekend.

I had the pleasure of seeing Ben’s younger brother Charlie land his first cod while fishing with dad, Craig, in my boat the next day.

Unfortunately, dad’s still looking for his first.

There were probably about five or six legals among them, which seems to be about the average these days, with no oversize. Cod seem to be everywhere at the moment, and this seems to be an average trip from the reports we get at the Compleat Angler.

So with conditions being more than favourable, it’s the perfect time to have a crack.

At A Glance

Dartmouth – is confusing a few fishos by producing a few fish off the top.

While not in huge numbers, there’s been reports of trout being picked up flat lining Tassies and small minnow hard bodies.

The better numbers are still being caught with the aid of lead lines and downriggers, but I suppose the water temps must be dropping enough to have a crack on top.

We mentioned last week that a couple of mates had caught quite a few Mackas at Dart and that a couple were tagged.

After contacting researchers, they were given the interesting info that virtually all Macquarie Perch in the lake head for the Mitta River to spawn, even if they’re in the Dart arm.

The trip takes a couple of days of constant swimming if they’re well up the Dart arm.

This was discovered after radio tracking devices were placed in the fish and receivers were placed in selected locations around the lake. Very interesting stuff.

Streams – are all great.

In fact, it’s hard to find one that’s not fishing well at the moment.

Lake Hume – fished really well for Hayden Burles on Tuesday.

Hayden landed heaps of reddies, as everyone is at the moment, but the difference was that he managed 20 fish between 30cm and 42cm – and they were very nice redfin.

Hayden caught most flicking plastics, and a couple on yabbies.

Cod – are being caught just about everywhere at the moment.

The Mitta, the Upper Murray, the Murray below Albury, Mulwala and all the smaller streams such as the Kiewa, Ovens, Buffalo, King are all going great guns. The only issue is you don’t want to strike any of them when they suddenly rise due to power generation or irrigation demand. These flushes usually cause a sudden drop in water temperature and that normally slows things down pretty dramatically.

While talking flushes, let’s hope the Mitta doesn’t cop one of those environmental flows over the Easter period. We know the river needs it, but does it have to happen over a weekend or holiday weekend in particular?

Snowy Lakes – are all producing a few fish. With the weather cooling off, we should see improvement in all of the high country lakes. At the moment, flat line trolling is already pretty successful. Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley are both going OK at the moment too.