Snaps from the Wall to Wall festival 2018

With each year the Wall to Wall festival runs more smoothly, the further afield artists and revellers are drawn form.

The festival hub expanded into the street to cater for more food and entertainment offerings, and virtual reality sessions took the program well into the evening on Saturday and Sunday.

The Benalla Art Gallery developed curated shows around the festival for the second year, featuring Melbourne-based artists Tom Gerrard and Callum Preston.

Preston worked in a milk bar as a 12-year-old living near the Melbourne airport – the foundation of his piece.

“That’s where my memory of the milk bar comes from – flash forward to now – I had been toying with the idea of trying to take everyday objects and turning them into art, immortalising them in painting form,” he said.

“I made a couple products to display in a gallery, and the other side of my brain took over … the products are cool, but by themselves don’t give you a flashback.

“I’d done a bit of work with set building for television, so I thought why not build the entire milk bar.”

The life-size milk bar and the 500 items inside are made from plywood, all reminiscent of the 1990s.

This is the second place Preston’s milk bar has been shown – he was approached by the Benalla Art Gallery to bring it to Wall to Wall.

On the streets, 21 artists took to the walls but revellers got more than what was in the program.

Sydney-based artist Daniel O’Toole (Ears) was a last-minute addition, creating three works around Benalla’s main street.

Live painting continues on Monday.