Motorbike rider killed after hitting tree in North East

A MAN has died after crashing a motorbike into a tree at Whitlands.

Emergency services were called to Mansfield-Whitfield Road about 1pm on Friday.

The rider died at the scene.

The crash occurred near the Benalla-Whitfield Road and police are investigating the cause.

It followed a crash on a dangerous stretch of the Bogong High Plains road at Falls Creek on Thursday. 

A 35-year-old Albury woman received leg, arm and head injuries after sliding out her motorbike on a bend in the road about 3pm. 

Leading Senior Constable Peter Johns said the road was deceptive, as it looked like a long left hand turn, but had a bend in the middle.

“It may have caught her unawares,” he said.

“She slid and came to a stop.

“The side of the road is filled with large basalt rocks and that can cause injuries.”