Stop tagging and bring cities to life with festival: artist

A Border street artist wants to eliminate ‘tagging’ by turning bland walls in Albury and Wodonga into living artworks.

Inspired by Benalla’s Wall to Wall festival Marni Korneluk wants to see Albury-Wodonga host a similar event to showcase Border talent.

She said the event and artwork would have a lasting financial and cultural benefit across the two cities.

“We seem to have a bit of a problem with tagging in this area,” Miss Korneluk said.

“But people tend to respect street artworks, so it could help get rid of that problem.

“This way people can get involved and see that there are different ways you can express yourself rather than just scribbling on a wall somewhere.”

Miss Korneluk said the artwork could breathe life into the Border streets and its tourism trade.

“We’re central to Melbourne and Sydney, a bit of a stopover place,” she said.

“This could draw more tourists to the towns and also get people on the Border coming out and having a look at what can be done with art, rather than presuming street art is all messy tagging.

“With the support of the cities, it could bring a lot more life to the town.”

Miss Korneluk first found herself in the world of street art when she was commissioned to paint a mural on an Albury building then housing Possum Works, which is now an AirBnB.

Since then she said she’s been hooked and has other projects in the works but would love for more businesses to embrace the potential and benefits of street art .

“I loved it, I loved painting outdoors and creating something so big,” she said.

“Getting out of your comfort zone, engaging with people walking past – the experience was really good.”

Miss Korneluk said regardless of whether Albury-Wodonga created an event similar to Benalla’s Wall to Wall festival, Border businesses should consider giving artists free reign over their walls. 

She said murals generally deterred taggers, became photographic hot spots and also offered accessible art to the community.

“After I did the one at the former Possum Works site I noticed a few photographers going there to take wedding pictures or pictures of their cars in front of the art,” Miss Korneluk said.

Those wanting more information can visit the Marni Korneluk Artist Facebook page.