YOU SAY: It will be a dark day if Australia becomes a republic

NO THANKS: One Border Mail reader says Australia will lose its identity if it becomes a republic. Got something to say? Email us:
NO THANKS: One Border Mail reader says Australia will lose its identity if it becomes a republic. Got something to say? Email us:

Why is it that politicians keep telling us what they think is good for Australians?

All the polls that have been conducted over the years concerning the republic debate have always favoured keeping the Monarchy and our Queen as head of state. Might I add it is always Labor politicians that keep bringing up the same old tired argument.

Paul Keating couldn't get his own way as Prime Minister, so now he is making up false stories about a member of the royal family saying that he supports Australia becoming a Republic. 

Our identity is formed under a monarchy, my roots are of English heritage and I am proud of that. I will never ever submit to Australia becoming a Republic that can only lead to our loss of identity. 

It will be a dark day in Australian history if Bill Shorten becomes Prime Minister because he wants a republic at the expense of Australian taxpayers.

Peter Jongeneel, Culcairn

It would be wise to leave water in the ground

The recent article regarding Indigo Shire Council’s rejection of a permit to build a utility development to transport groundwater extracted from a property at Hurdle Flat, Stanley, is somewhat one-sided.

Stanley has no town water. The Stanley Plateau is prime agricultural land depending upon rainwater, surface water and groundwater to supply this precious resource for domestic, stock, and irrigation.

The Plateau is fertile ground for orchards and other horticultural and farming activities. The economic value of chestnut production alone can be estimated in the millions of dollars. Add on apples, other nuts and berries and the economic value increases markedly.

Stanley is a major contributor to the Victorian economy and food production. The investment by farmers and orchardists is significant. The Stanley Plateau is also the catchment area for the water supply of Beechworth and Yackandandah. All of this depends upon a safe and plentiful supply of water.

The implications that an expanding water mining industry, for bottled water, will have on the domestic and agricultural requirements of the Stanley Plateau cannot be underestimated.

Former apple orchardist Boyd Collins is quoted in the article as saying “(Water Extraction) will probably secure my next generation of farming on this property because I have stopped growing apples”.

With the predicted changes in climate and its effect on our water supply, surely a wiser investment strategy would be to leave the water in the ground for future generations, and opportunities for an expanding population that needs Australian fresh farm produce, including apples, nuts, and berries, for the health of our nation, as well as making sound social, economic and environmental sense.

Ed Tyrie, Stanley

Support our officers

It is a sad, sad day when NSW magistrates follow the weak Victorian examples of putting a coward punch attacker of police and other emergency service workers on a “suspended, unenforceable “work order or community service order.

Where are Magistrates Brender’s priorities please? We are proud parents of a serving police officer and have family friends who also serve.

Get attacked and get no support.

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