Albury laneway named in honour of longtime residents

Driving past his childhood home in Albury one night, Robert Bryan saw his car lights flash on a new street sign.

It's very emotional to see the old place go, but it's inevitable, it's progress

Robert Bryan

It confirmed a small path never before named will acknowledge his late parents, a legacy even more valued since their longtime property is marked for demolition.

Enid Lane, which runs from Thurgoona Street to Small Street, honours Enid and Allan Bryan, who moved into “the white house on Thurgoona Street” more than 70 years ago.

A Dean Street chemist for about 50 years, Mr Bryan was a Rotarian and on the board of Albury Chamber of Commerce. Mrs Bryan (nee Collings) taught at Albury Public School for many years and became a founding member of the town’s Inner Wheel Club.

Robert, one of their three sons, said being a pharmacist, his father was often asked for medical advice, whether at work or not.

“Dad couldn’t go shopping with Mum without talking to little old ladies in the street,” Mr Bryan said.

One of the first homes in the subdivision, the Bryans’ double brick house had two bedrooms and a back verandah sleep-out on a block measuring about 907 square metres.

Mr Bryan remembers bonfires in the laneway on Cracker Night and games in the street, with footballs being punctured by rose bushes.

“Dad used to stop here at the bottom of the lane and we’d sit on his knee and drive up the lane and drive into the carport,” he said.

Allan and Enid Bryan died in 1994 and 2008 respectively and their home has mostly been vacant in the past decade.

“It needed a lot of work, those cracks (outside) are pretty mild compared to what’s inside,” Mr Bryan said.

“It would have taken a lot of money to bring it up.”

An auction last November saw the property sold for $412,000 and the house will be demolished eventually.

“It’s very emotional to see the old place go, but it’s inevitable, it’s progress,” Mr Bryan said.

The family applied to Albury Council to include Bryan in the lane’s name, but Albury’s existing Byron Street and O’Brien Court made Enid Lane a better alternative.

Albury mayor Kevin Mack said the laneway had recently moved from private to public ownership, which would allow the council to make plans for improved drainage.