Councillor pans ‘stupid’ slower speeds in Wodonga residential zones, mayor is not sorry

Councillors Kat Bennett, John Watson and Tim Quilty.
Councillors Kat Bennett, John Watson and Tim Quilty.

Cars may be forced to slow down in five Wodonga locations to protect pedestrians and cyclists in the areas of new residential developments.

No changes will be made until the proposal goes out for public comment, but Wodonga councillors at last night’s meeting said the slower speed limits were important for safety.

The plans included extending the 60km/h zone on Huon Creek Road for another 400 metres, extending the 70km/h limit on Felltimber Creek Road, extending the 50km/h limit on Kinchington Road for another 300m, making the Baranduda Boulevard 60km/h speed zone at school times outside St Francis of Assisi Primary School a permanent limit, and introducing a 40km/h zone at school times around Victory Lutheran College.

Some of the lower limits had been suggested by concerned residents.

All the proposed changes had been considered by Wodonga’s traffic liaison committee – which includes council, police and VicRoads members – before councillors voted unanimously to put the plans out for public comment.

Mayor Anna Speedie said “I apologise to nobody” for making motorists spend extra seconds in traffic, if it would get them home safely.

Cr Danny Lowe was not in favour of lowering all speed limits, saying they sometimes improved safety, but higher speed limits also improved traffic flow.

“That doesn’t relate to any of the ones we’re talking about here,” he said.

Cr Tim Quilty said the city had a problem with trying to slow cars down on the road, which costs time and money.

He said reduced speeds would annoy him as he took his son to school.

“I’m going to end up cursing councillors and their stupid speed limits,” he said.

“As a matter of principle I have a big issue with lowering speed limits all the time.”

I’m going to end up cursing councillors and their stupid speed limits.

Cr Tim Quilty

Cr John Watson revealed Westmont Aged Care Services, located on Baranduda Boulevard, contacted him concerned about the lower limits.

That facility and anyone else in the community was invited to make a submission before councillors make their final decision.