Young hobby-businesswoman sets eyes on start-up success

Maddison Kuhn might only be 10 years old but that hasn’t stopped the budding businesswoman starting up the modern equivalent of the traditional side-of-the-road lemonade stall, albeit with a bit more business know-how.

The young entrepreneur, with the help of her delivery driver and mother Lisa Kuhn, launched her own hobby business sewing and scenting aromatherapy heat packs. 

Maddison’s ingenuity and drive has seen her sell 24 heat packs in about six weeks, and receive offers to display her wares in two businesses. 

Mrs Kuhn, of Staghorn Flat, said she was amazed by her daughter’s dedication. 

“I’m extremely proud she does a really good job,” she said.

The idea for the heat pack with lavender oil started as a one-off gift for Maddison’s sewing teacher of a few months.

But after her successful first attempt Maddison decided to expand her fabrics and scents and start selling the packs.

“We’re going on holidays so I wanted some pocket money and to buy an iPad,” the 10-year-old said.

“I’m proud when people say they like their heat packs.”

Mrs Kuhn said at the moment her daughter still requires some help hand stitching corners and scenting the rice.

“The aim is to get it up and going and for her to do it all on her own, including those small things, except for deliveries obviously,” she said. 

Mrs Kuhn said the enterprise had been a great learning curve, especially when Maddison realised profitable businesses incurred costs and had to repay her mum for start-up materials.