Pay day has arrived for Sophie Mirabella in ‘push’ defamation case

Greg and Sophie Mirabella
Greg and Sophie Mirabella

Judgement day has arrived for the Benalla Ensign, after former Indi MP Sophie Mirabella successfully sued the newspaper for defamation.

Judge Michael Macnamara will make his ruling on the compensation to be paid to Mrs Mirabella when the case resumes in Melbourne County Court on Wednesday.

A jury earlier this month ruled the 2016 story claiming she pushed political opponent and Indi MP Cathy McGowan, at a Benalla nursing home event, damaged her reputation.

Mrs Mirabella has asked for between $300,000 and the cap of $389,500 to compensate for her damaged reputation, but lawyers for the Ensign argued the amount should be less than $100,000.